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Irregular Menstruation (cycle length changes)

Typical symptoms:

irregular menstruation

Disease description:

Menstruation refers to the days when the menstrual blood flows from the vagina. A cycle is the time from the first day of menstruation to the last day before the next menstruation. This is different for every woman but normally takes happens about every 21 to 35 days. Usually, menstrual bleeding occurs 28 days after the last period. Normally menstruation starts with heavier bleeding, which becomes lighter over the next few days. The light red blood becomes darker and darker. The menstrual period lasts three to six days and at the end, there may well be spotting with old, brownish blood. As a rule, women lose a total of about 50-60 millilitres of blood during menstruation.


Cycle disturbances or irregularities in the female cycle can occur, which relate to the frequency, duration and strength/heaviness of menstruation. They are normal immediately after the first menstrual period, as menstruation and hormonal changes must first settle down.


There are many causes of cycle disturbances. Since the cycle is hormonally controlled, hormonal disorders, as well as diseases of the female sexual organs, are most often the cause of changes. Moreover, medication, genetic disposition, physical or psychological stress can also be the cause of cycle problems.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The Liver, Spleen and Kidney are most closely related to menstruation. The main reason for the Liver to cause irregular menstruation is the poor smooth function of Liver Qi. The Kidney is the other organ which is closely related to menstruation. Kidney Deficiency can cause less menstruation and a cold feeling. The Cold, Heat and Dampness are disturbing Liver and Kidney and Spleen functions, blocking the blood flow and cause irregular and delayed menstruation.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:

Liver Qi Stagnation

Scanty bleeding, clots, abdominal and breast distension, premenstrual tension, depression, sighing, irritability.

Merry Life Formula or if symptoms like restlessness or vivid/ bright red period blood, use: Relaxed Wanderer


Recommended formulas to use:

Kidney Yang Deficiency

Scanty, pale blood, no clots, back pain, dizziness, tinnitus, a feeling of cold, tiredness.

Recommended formulas to use:

Kidney Yin Deficiency

Scanty periods, dizziness, blurred vision, night sweating, thirst.

Recommended formulas to use:

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