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Vaginal Itching

Typical symptoms:

vaginal itching

Disease description:

Vaginal itching can have many different causes. The most common non-infectious cause is excessive intimate hygiene. The natural bacterial flora of the vagina can be thrown out of balance due to too frequent washing or hormonal fluctuations. Psychological problems can also be a cause of vaginal itching. Persistent itching can indicate fungal infections of the vagina. They also show symptoms such as burning of the vagina, whitish patches, reddened vaginal skin and an altered, usually coloured discharge and urine.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The occurrence of vaginal itching is mainly due to malfunction of Liver, Kidney and Spleen. If the Liver derive Heat and the weakness Spleen derived Dampness, the Dampness and Heat will stagnate in the vulva and itching will occur. It is also possible that Liver and Kidney Deficiency leading to insufficient Yin and Blood support of the genitals and causing itchiness. It is then a Deficiency Heat Pattern.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:

Damp Heat

Intense vulvar or vaginal itching, yellow vaginal discharge, occasionally pain on intercourse, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, dark urine.

Recommended formulas to use:

Yin Deficiency and Heat

Slight vaginal and vulvar itching with a burning sensation, dryness of the vagina, burning feeling in the palm during sleep, a feeling of heat in the afternoon.

Recommended formulas to use:

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