Disease description:

Sinusitis is the swelling of the mucous membrane in the paranasal sinuses. Respiratory viruses causing the common cold or flu, can lead to acute sinusitis. If the condition lasts longer than three months, it is considered as chronic sinusitis. When one has a cold, the nose is no longer sufficiently ventilated and the secretion that does not run off anymore can cause the swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose and the paranasal sinuses. Typical symptoms are a blocked nose and cough, fever, swelling and pus collection. Pain often occurs in the forehead, jaw or around the eyes and typically the head hurts badly when bending over too quickly.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Acute sinusitis can be a result of acute rhinitis, colds or influenza. Traditional Chinese medicine considers sinusitis as an external Wind-Cold invading and causing blocking of sinuses, which leads to Wind-Cold pattern sinusitis. External Wind-Heat invasion or Wind-Cold change into Heat, causing the blockage of sinuses, leading to Wind-Heat pattern sinusitis. If the Qi is weak and can’t overcome Evil, it is converted to chronic sinusitis.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:


Acute nasal congestion, headaches, yellow nasal discharge and a diminished sense of smell.

Recommended formulas to use:


Acute nasal congestion, headaches over one or both eyes or cheeks, watery nasal discharge.

Recommended formulas to use:

Qi Deficiency and Damp-Heat

Chronic, sticky yellow nasal discharge, red cheeks, thirst, dry lips, impaired sense of smell, a heavy, fuzzy head, frontal headache, sticky taste, chest oppression.

Recommended formulas to use:

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