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Relieve Nasal Passage

玉屏蒼耳丸 / Yu Ping Cang Er Pian

Relieve Nasal Passage is the basic treatment for chronic sinusitis and blocked nose. It is a combination of key herbs from Tonic Defensive Qi, which supplements Wei Qi, Cinnamon Formula, which harmonises Ying and Wei Qi, and Xanthium Tea, which clears the sinus Wind-Heat. Chinese medicine believes that sinusitis is congestion of Heat in the sinuses. If the body lacks Qi and is unable to get rid of Evil, it will become chronic sinusitis after a long delay. Therefore, the treatment of chronic sinusitis should not only clear away Dampness, Heat and Poison but also tonic Qi.


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Sinusitis is the swelling of the mucous membrane in the paranasal sinuses. Respiratory viruses causing the common cold or flu, can lead to acute sinusitis. If the...