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Xanthium Tea

蒼耳飲 / Cang Er Zi Yin

Xanthium Tea is from “Prescriptions for Saving-Life” written by Yan Yonghe of the Song Dynasty 1253 AD. This formulation expels Wind-Heat, cleans the nasal cavity and is used to treat acute sinusitis in Wind-Heat Patterns. Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of sinusitis is due to the exogenous Wind-Heat Evil, attacking the nose, and the Wind-Heat leads to congestion in sinuses. It can also be caused by exogenous Wind-Cold Evil, which turns into Heat because of Stagnation and then finally leads to congestion in sinuses. The clinical symptoms of Heat congestion in sinuses are acute onset stuffy, blocked nose, thick or thick yellow nasal discharge. If it is a Wind-Cold Pattern which is characterized by headache and watery nasal discharge, the formulation Expel Wind should be used.

Used to combat these diseases:


Sinusitis is the swelling of the mucous membrane in the paranasal sinuses. Respiratory viruses causing the common cold or flu, can lead to acute sinusitis. If the...