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Typical symptoms:

Disease description:

The rash of urticaria (urtica = Latin for “nettle”) causes itchy and burning skin reactions similar to those that occur when it comes into contact with a stinging nettle. Often triggered by an allergy, autoimmune diseases or infections in the ear, nose and throat area, stimuli such as pressure, friction, light, heat, cold can also cause urticaria. Typically symptoms are fluid-filled swellings, so-called wheals, which form on the skin surface. These are pale pink to red, they can also become larger and can first appear on one location and then show up on another.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The rash that appears in urticaria rises quickly, but it completely subsides within 24 hours and recurs repeatedly, such as the Wind is changing, so Chinese medicine calls it “rubella” (Fengzhen). It is mostly caused by the External Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat Invaders between the skin, fascia and muscle. There are also Liver and Kidney or Blood Deficiency patterns, which cause inadequate Blood Circulation, Wind and Dryness blocking the skin. The following patterns lists only those caused by Exogenous Wind Evils.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:


Transient, oedematous, lightly erythematous, pink or white, itchy papules or wheals, worse in the mornings or evenings or in cold weather or after exhaustion such as giving birth or operation or too much physical activity.

Recommended formulas to use:


Red wheals that coalesce into plaques, itching is intense; worse in hot conditions.

Recommended formulas to use:

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