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Clear Skin Heat

消风散 / Xiao Feng San

Clear Skin Heat is a formula from “Original Surgery” written by Chen Shigong in the Ming Dynasty in 1617 AD. It has the effects of expelling Wind and removing Damp, clearing Heat and nourishing Blood. Indications are skin itching, skin rash in red colour, oozing liquid after scratching as the symptom characteristics, which are Wind-Heat or Wind-Damp. The pathological condition is that the evils of Wind-Damp or Wind-Heat invading the body and blocking the skin. The itch comes from the Wind Evil. Therefore, this formula is mainly based on expelling Wind, compatible with removing Damp, clearing Heat, and nourishing Blood. While eliminating Evil and taking care of the Zheng Qi, so that the Wind Evil is scattered, the Dampness and Heat are cleared, the Blood is reconciled which then eliminates itching and rash. It is a formula for the help of eczema, allergic dermatitis, paddy dermatitis, drugs dermatitis, itchy skin rashes, urticaria.

Used to combat these diseases:

Eczema and Dermatitis

Eczema is non-contagious inflammation of the skin (Latin: dermatitis) with dry and itchy skin. Possible triggers of eczema include oily skin, infections with yeast fungi or staphylococci, a disorder of...

Itchy Skin Rashes

An acute or intermittent redness of the skin is called a skin rash. Skin rashes are itchy and discolour the skin red in a very short time, can affect anyone...


The rash of urticaria (urtica = Latin for “nettle”) causes itchy and burning skin reactions similar to those that occur when it comes into contact with a stinging nettle. Often...