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Disease description:

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory, hereditary skin disease that can be provoked by internal and external triggers. This disease can occur at any age but often manifests itself for the first time during puberty or at between the age of 40 to 50. Normally the first layer of skin renews itself within 28 days, but for psoriatic patients, this only takes three to four days. The course of psoriasis varies but appears mostly in phases with inflammatory, reddened, scaly skin areas that often itch and burn. When carefully scraping off a scale, a thin skin remains underneath and if one also loosens this, the spot bleeds lightly. The areas where the skin changes most often include the hairy scalp and the areas behind the ears, elbows, knees and the region around the sacrum.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Exogenous Wind, Damp and Heat Invading and struck in the skin. The long-standing Stagnation results in Heat generating. They further cause Heat in Blood, Blood Dryness or Blood Stasis. Emotional stress or scratching can induce more Heat and Stasis and make the problem worse.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:


Bright or dark red papules all over the body or focused on the trunk and limbs. New lesions are covered by silvery-white scales that shed easily when dry or that bleed when the underlying, moist layer is disturbed (Auspiz’s sign).

Fire or heat toxin: Erythematous or pustular lesions covered by fine scales that shed easily, itching, burning, pain.

Recommended formulas to use:


Dark red or hyperpigmented lesions covered by thick, hard, adherent scales. Lichenification (when skin becomes thick and leathery) may develop, as well as fissures in large lesions.

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