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Expel Stasis

血府逐瘀汤 / Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang

Expel Stasis is originated from the “Correction on Errors in Medical Classics” by Wang Qingren from Qing Dynasty in 1830 AD. It has the effect of promoting Blood circulation and removing Blood Stasis, moving Qi and relieving pain. Wang Qingren’s formulation was originally intended to treat cardiovascular system disorders.

However, due to its remarkable effect of promoting Blood circulation and removing Blood Stasis, it is widely used in various Blood Stagnation disorders by Chinese medicine principle. It shows very good results in the treatment of gynaecological problems like amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation endometriosis, uterine fibroids and also for prostatitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. Moreover, it is suitable to treat fixed chronic headache and migraine but more specific for chest pain, sequelae of brain trauma, circulation disorders and even skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Promoting Blood circulation and removing Blood Stasis is also an important method for Chinese medicine to fight cancer and eliminate tumours.

Contra-indicated in pregnancy.

Used to combat these diseases:


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Diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes)

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