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Coptidis Purger

黄连上清片 / Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian

Coptidis Purger, a Chinese Medicine remedy that’s been successfully used for centuries, is indicated for upward attack of Wind-Heat and Fire in Lung and Stomach. It clears Wind-Heat, drains Fire from Lung and Stomach, unblock bowels, alleviates pain. This formula contains of 17 herbs, which have high toxin-removing potential and addressing on manifestations of excess heat, fire and toxicity: a sensation of heat, discomfort in eyes, mouth, and tooth, infrequent bowel movements and dark or yellow urine.

Coptidis Purger is supporting health of upper area of your body, including head dizziness & vertigo), eyes (sties, conjunctivits, eye sight improving), ears (otitis, pain, tinnitus) , tongue, throat, mouth and gums (gingivitis, canker sores, aphthae). Furthermore it is supporting upper respiratory tract (swollen sore throat).

Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Used to combat these diseases:

Bad Breath (Halitosis of Stomach Origin)

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Constipation can severely impair the quality of life of those affected: Defecation is difficult and painful – the faeces are usually hard and can only be excreted in small portions...