Typical symptoms:

Disease description:

Gout is a metabolic disease in which increased uric acid levels occur, the uric acid crystals can deposit in the joint and lead to inflammation there. Genetic or acquired predisposition to elevated uric acid levels in combination with an unfavourable lifestyle can cause gout attacks with durations lasting for days or sometimes weeks. Typically, the inflammation occurs suddenly and leads to painful, sometimes swollen, reddened joints, usually only the base joint of the big toe is affected.

Explanation according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Gout belongs to Bi Syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine, which is either a Damp and Heat blocking the Meridians or Cold and Damp blocking Meridians. The problem starts by a combination of Spleen Deficiency and unhealthy diet which may cause dysfunction of the Spleen and produce Turbid Dampness, which will further damage the internal organs.

If the Turbid Dampness turns into Damp-Heat and blocks the Meridians and joints, it is resulting in gout nodules. Known as “Damp Heat Gout”.

If Turbid Dampness and Cold Evil are interlinked, they block the Qi and Blood Circulation in the Meridian, causing joint swelling, deformity and stiffness. Known as “Damp Cold Gout”.

Possible syndromes causing these problems:


An accumulation of Damp Heat blocks the Flow of Qi and Blood, causing severe, acute fixed joint pain, heat, thirst, possibly constipation, possibly swelling, restricted movement, high levels of uric acid.

Better for cold, worse with red meat or alcohol, coffee, sugar.

Recommended formulas to use:


An accumulation of Damp and Cold blocks the Flow of Qi and Blood, causing: severe, chronic fixed joint pain, swelling, restricted movement.

Better for warmth, worse with cold.

Recommended formulas to use:

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