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Clear Heat Bi

清热除痹片 / Qing Re Chu Bi Pian

Clear Heat Bi is an adjusted formula from an ancient recipe “Xuan Bi Tang” from“Differentiation and treatment of febrile disease”. Sang Zhi (Ramulus Mori) and Wei Ling Xian (Herba Potentillae Chinensis) are used in Clear Heat Bi to replace Fangji (Fourstamen Stephania Root ) in “Xuan Bi Tang”, which contains aristolochic acid. The effects of Clear Heat Bi are to clear away Damp-Heat, dredge the Meridians and relieve arthritis pain; attending to Damp-Heat Bi Syndrome. Damp-Heat Bi Syndrome is that Damp-Heat accumulating in the joints and meridians, Meridian Qi and Blood are blocked and thus become Bi (blockage). It is clinically used for Heat Bi Syndromes characterized by red, swollen, painful and stiffness in the affected joint muscles, or the mouth is dry and thirsty, the urine is thick and yellowish, or the stool is dry, the tongue is red or crimson or the tongue coating is yellow greasy and thick, the pulse slippery. Therefore, it is also very good for the treatment of gout.

Modern studies have shown that the main ingredients in this recipe have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects, analgesic effects, can reduce the blood uric acid, improves microcirculation, break down joint adhesions and promote tissue fluid reflux and absorption.

Used to combat these diseases:


Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease that can lead to damage to the joint surfaces. Besides bacteria, other infections in the body, a hereditary predisposition, as well as autoimmune processes...


Gout is a metabolic disease in which increased uric acid levels occur, the uric acid crystals can deposit in the joint and lead to inflammation there. Genetic...