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Smooth Gallbladder

利胆排石片 / Li Dan Pai Shi Pian

Smooth Gallbladder (Li Dan Pai Shi Pian) is a famous Chinese herbal formulation used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is commonly used to dissolve and discharge gallstones, clear heat, remove toxins, increase bile secretion and promote liver function and detoxification. With its unique combination of natural ingredients, this medicine has gained recognition for its effectiveness. It consists of various ingredients, including lysimachiae, artemisia , tumeric, scutellaria, polygonum cuspidatum.

Contraindicated during pregnancy. Discontinue or reduce dosage if diarrhoea develops.

Used to combat these diseases:

Gallblader Stones / Inflammation

Gallstones are crystallized components of bile (bile for short). This fluid is produced in the liver and collected in the gallbladder, which is only a few centimeters long and lies...


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