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Recuperating Qi Formula

补阳还五汤 / Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang

Recuperating Qi Formula is from Wang Qingren’s “Correction on Errors in Medical Classics” from the Qing Dynasty. The formulation is especially for the help of sequela of a stroke. After a stroke, the Zheng Qi is deficient and Blood circulation is poor. That is due to the weakness of Qi, which fails to promote, so the Qi and Blood are blocked, and the muscles don’t get nourishment. Therefore, the symptoms of hemiplegia, facial paralysis, slurred speech and involuntary salivation can occur. The Recuperating Qi Formula replenishes Qi, promotes blood circulation and opens the meridians. Indications for stroke syndrome (sequela of a cerebrovascular accident) are those with Qi Deficiency and Blood Stasis Syndrome. This formula increases the dosage of Qi nourishing herbs combines with a small dosage of Blood-promoting herbs, so it is “replenishing Qi without causing Stagnation, promoting Blood circulation without hurting Qi”.

It is also used clinically for sequelae of poliomyelitis and hemiplegia, paraplegia, hemiparalysis with facial distortion, unilateral upper extremity or lower limb atrophy, caused by Qi Deficiency and Blood Stasis.

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