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Fertility Tonic

毓麟珠 / Yu Lin Zhu
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Fertility Tonic comes from “Complete Work of Jingyue Women’s Rules. Children’s Chapter”. “Yu” means birth and nurturing; “Lin” is Qilin, which is the “benevolent beast” and “spiritual beast” in ancient Chinese legends. The ancients used baby boys as their unicorns. When congratulating others on their sons, they often used congratulatory messages such as “God gives the stone the unicorn”; “Zhu” means pearl. Fertility Tonic warms up the congenital Kidney Qi to produce sperm and nourish the acquired Spleen and Stomach Qi to produce Blood, supplemented with promoting Blood circulation, regulating menstruation and nourishing Chong and Ren Meridians. As a result, the Essence is full, and Chong Ren is smooth, and they can nourish each other. Therefore, sperm and egg can be combined to become pregnant.

Fertility Tonic is not only a good formula for treating gynaecological diseases like infertility due to Kidney Deficiency, but also for treating male infertility.

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If a woman does not become pregnant for at least a year, despite the desire for children and unprotected sexual intercourse, medicine uses the term infertility. The...