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Arouse Center Qi

补中益气汤 / Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Arouse Center Qi was made by Li Dongyuan during the Jin and Yuan dynasties 900 years ago. According to the Theory of Five Elements, the Spleen and Stomach (general term for digestive and absorption functions of the gastrointestinal tract) belong to the Earth among the Five Elements and the Lung belongs to the Metal. According to the Five-Theory of “Earth produce Metal“, as long as the function of the Spleen Earth is working, it will greatly help the function of the Lung Metal. According to “Earth can produce everything in the world“, the functions of all organs of the body must rely on the Spleen and Stomach to digest grains, absorb and transport its nutrients to various parts of the body. If the function of digestion and absorption is good, the functions of other organs of the body will also be improved.

On this basis, through clinical trials, Li Dongyuan created Arouse Center Qi, which used sweet and warm herbs to nourish the Spleen and Stomach and boost Yang Qi. It is used for indications of the weak Spleen Qi Syndrome. In particular, it is good at the treatment of chronic diarrhoea and sagging of internal organs caused by the sinking of Spleen and Stomach Qi.

Modern studies have shown that this formulation has a two-way regulating effect on intestinal tract movement, enhance uterine muscle, tone and inhibit uterine movement. It has anti-hypoxia, physical strength, protein metabolism and anti-anaemia effects. Therefore, it is used for lower blood pressure, low immunity, HIV/AIDS and urinary dysfunctions.


Not suitable for high blood pressure.


Used to combat these diseases:

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