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Wind Heat Cough

桑菊飲 / Sang Ju Yin

Wind Heat Cough and Exterior Heat are both from Analysis of Seasonal Febrile Diseases by Wu Jutong in the Qing Dynasty. All are prescriptions aim to relieve the Exterior Syndrome with herbs that have a pungent flavour and cool nature. Exterior Heat is good at treating the swelling sore throat and fever in influenza, while the Wind Heat Cough is better at treating cough. The ancients called Wind Heat Coughgentle formulation in pungent and cool herb” especially suitable for the treatment of newly infected flu, coughing due to attaching of Heat Evil and mild to moderate fever. It is said to be a “gentle formulation” and mulberry leaves and chrysanthemum are the main ingredients of the formulation, which are leaf and flower, light and clear in nature.

The active ingredients are easily volatile and should not be boiled for a long time, therefore we would only recommend mixing the medicine with warm water.

Used to combat these diseases:

Acute Cough and Bronchitis

Coughing is a natural reflex to quickly get rid of germs, harmful or foreign substances in the airways. A severe irritable cough can develop into an acute...

Colds and Influenza

The real flu (influenza) is a severe acute illness of the respiratory tract, caused by influenza viruses, which are constantly changing. Less dangerous are colds or “flu-like...


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