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Stomach Tonic

香砂养胃丸 / Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan

Stomach Tonic is based on the Xiang Sha Yang Wei Decoction from Gong Tingxian’s “Revise Diseases and Return to Health” published in the Ming Dynasty in 1615 AD. It has the effect of warming Stomach and regulating Stomach Qi and is therefore used for indigestion problems. Indications include stomach-ache, distension after eating, poor appetite, loose stools and fatigue, uncomfortable fullness, noisy discomfort etc. caused by inadequate Stomach Yang, Dampness and Stagnation of Qi.

Used to combat these diseases:

Covid-19 related symptoms: Prevention, Infection, Recovery

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Indigestion is a collective term for complaints of the digestive organs. In most cases, the causes are harmless, such as eating too fast or eating spicy, greasy and fatty foods....

Stomach Ache

The stomach is located in the upper part of the abdomen mostly under the left rib arch. Pain or stomach cramps occur there, often lasting only a...