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Replenish Essence

首乌片 / Shou Wu Pian

Chinese medicine verifies the prosperity and decay of Qi and Blood based on the glory and dryness of hair, which is a pioneering thought of the ancients in the history of medicine. Chinese medicine believes that hair is related to Kidney, Liver, Spleen and Stomach. Hair is especially close to the Kidney; a sufficient working Kidney is the foundation of healthy hair. The Liver stores the Blood, if the Liver Blood is sufficient, the hair is nourished so that it is not easy to lose hair. The Spleen controls the digestive process and transports Mizutani Essence to nourish the hair. The principles of nourishing hair are nourishing Kidney and Essence, Qi and Blood, and reconciling Spleen and Stomach.

Replenish Essence can help to improve the signs of ageing in the elderly, such as white hair, tooth decay, age spots, can promote the improvement of immunity, inhibit the deposition of “lipofuscin” that can make people’s body organs age.

Used to combat these diseases:

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