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壮腰健肾片 / Zhuang Yao Jian Shen Pian

Chinese medicine believes that the waist is the palace of the Kidneys. If Kidney Qi is deficient, chronic low back pain will occur and the waist and knees will be sore and weak. Osteo-Well nourishes the Kidneys, strengthens the muscles and strengthens the bones. It is used for chronic waist, leg or joint pain caused by a Deficiency of Kidney Qi. It is commonly seen in elderly people who are weak and have pain in the waist, legs and shoulders, senile lumbocrural pain, and osteoarthritis and it’s also used for osteoporosis and bursitis.

Used to combat these diseases:


Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease that can lead to damage to the joint surfaces. Besides bacteria, other infections in the body, a hereditary predisposition, as well as autoimmune processes...

Low Backache

Back pain is a suffering of modern civilization. Most people have a lower trunk musculature and they are working in a seated position most of the time during the day....