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Eye Tonic

明目地黄丸 / Ming Mu Di Huang Wan

Eye Tonic is a formulation for improving eyesight. In the Five-Element Theory, Liver belongs to Wood, Kidney belongs to Water, Water can produce Wood, Liver stores Blood, and Kidney stores Essence. The Essence and Blood of the Liver and Kidney are closely related. Traditional Chinese Medicine treats eye diseases, often starting from the Liver and Kidney. Eye Tonic is a recipe for nourishing the Kidney and nourishing the Liver and improving the vision caused by visual fatigue and various fundus diseases.

Modern people look at the computer for prolonged hours and often stay up late, which will make the Liver Fire rise. This leads to symptoms of blurred vision, eye expansion, sore eyes, dryness and discomfort of the eyes, or tearing. Taking Eye Tonic is also good for improving eye fatigue.

Used to combat these diseases:

Blurred Vision (Eye Problems)

The term blurred vision describes the loss of sharpness of one’s eyesight, making objects seem hazy and out of focus. Those affected might only recognize objects or the environment as...

2 reviews for Eye Tonic

  1. christl (verified owner)

    will be purchasing this item again now as the support for the eyes is worth having …….

  2. christl (verified owner)

    very definitely helps with dry eyes when you get older

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