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Expel Lung Cold

小青龙汤 / Xiao Qing Long Tang

Expel Lung Cold has the effect of relieving Cold and dispelling Cold by warming the Lungs. Qinglong, the mythical beast of the East, unified the four seas of water. The ancient Chinese medical sage Zhang Zhongjing named this prescription Xiao Qinglong just because of its meaning of treating water. Cold Evil inside the drinking water restrains Yang. This disease is similar to bronchial asthma and asthmatic bronchitis in Western medicine. The ability of the Lungs, Spleen and Kidneys to lead the Huajin Fluid is weakened, which leads to the accumulation and blockage of the fluid and the formation of Phlegm for a long time, which finally leads to cough, bronchitis or asthma.

The sputum from the cough caused by Cold Lungs is white and thin, like foam or egg white. The characteristic of asthma is that one can’t lie on his back. If one is to lie on his back, the symptoms will worsen. The tongue is more slippery and fatter. It is also used clinically for chronic obstructive emphysema, pneumonia, whooping cough, allergic rhinitis, etc. caused by cold drinks or cold weather.

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