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Dry Eczema Formula

四物消风散 / Si Wu Xiao Feng San

Dry Eczema Formula came out of the “Medical Books Compilation by Category” edited by Weng Zao in the Qing Dynasty in 1830. The formula tonifies and cools Blood, moistens Dryness, expels Wind and relieves itching. It is used for various (chronic) skin conditions characterized by dull or dark red skin lesions, infiltration and hypertrophy, lichenification, itching and scaling. It is a formulation for the help of dry eczema, dermatitis and itchy skin rashes.

Used to combat these diseases:

Eczema and Dermatitis

Eczema is non-contagious inflammation of the skin (Latin: dermatitis) with dry and itchy skin. Possible triggers of eczema include oily skin, infections with yeast fungi or staphylococci, a disorder of...

Itchy Skin Rashes

An acute or intermittent redness of the skin is called a skin rash. Skin rashes are itchy and discolour the skin red in a very short time, can affect anyone...