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Acne Formula

粉刺方 / Fen Ci Fang
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Acne Formula uses nourishing Kidney and Yin herbs to balance Yin and Yang while clearing Deficiency Fire and a combination of clearing DampHeat herbs to clear facial or spine papules. Chinese medicine believes that the body is developing during adolescence. The physique is full of Yang and the Lungs and Stomach are prone to Heat and Dampness due to stress or improper diet. Damp and Heat tangled together and forms pimples and cyst nodules on the face, shoulders, chest or back, forming acne.


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Acne is the most common skin disease globally. It is primarily a hormone-related condition of the sebaceous glands which occurs mainly in adolescents during puberty and has various degrees of...

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  1. chenel.mynhardt (verified owner)

    This is doing wonders for my teen daughter’s skin. Finished our 1st bottle and now starting on the 2nd. No negative side effects noticed as yet.

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