[latin: Cinnamomum verum]

In TCM, we use:
Gui Zhi [Latin: Cinnamomi Ramulus] (The young branch) and
Rou Gui [Latin: Cinnamomi Cortex] (Bark on the trunk)

Although they are from the same plant, they have different functions.

Gui Zhi

Function: Expel external Evils, promote perspiration, activate blood circulation

It is commonly used in clinic. The typical formulae/representative formulae that use Gui Zhi are:

  1. Gui Zhi Tang / Cinnamon Formula


  • Treatment of common colds with wind cold pattern
  • Harmonizes “Ying and Wei”.The formula assists with harmonizing and supporting the immune system. It works well for allergy conditions such as hay fever, postnasal drip and eczema.
  1. Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan / Expel Uterus Stagnation

Indication: Remove Blood stagnation. Used commonly to support the treatment of endometriosis and Uterus fibroids and ovarian cyst

  1. Dang Gui Si Ni San / Warm Cold Limbs

Indication: Activate Blood, warm Meridians and relieves pain. Used to support the treatment of Gout with cold patterns (feeling cold), Raynaud’s disease, Chillblains and other limb circulatory syndromes.

Rou Gui

Function: Tonify Yang, warm Meridians, expel Cold and relieve pain, promote Qi and Blood regeneration

The typical formulae/representative formulae that use Rou Gui:

  1. Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (Gentler) / Tonic Yang OR

You Gui Wan (Stronger) / Way to Right

Both formulae nourish Kidney Yang. They are used to assist in the treatment of internal organ disorders and hormonal disorders, which cause internal organ function disorders with cold feeling, tiredness, oedema, pale complexion. These two formulae are traditionally used to assist with managing Diabetes with the above symptoms.

  1. Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan / Warm Middle Jiao

This formula Warms the digestive system, expel Cold, relieve pain. It is best for stomach pain, feeling cold. It reduces cold and pain by warming up the stomach.

  1. Shi Quan Da Bu / Maxitone

This formula promotes the regeneration of Qi and Blood. It is suitable for patients with weak Qi and Blood, especially after giving birth, post-operation recovery, or malnutrition from chronic diseases.