CHINAHERB is the biggest and most trusted Chinese herbal medicine company in South Africa



Our commitment to quality and safety has helped CHINAHERB become the biggest and most trusted Chinese herbal medicine company in South Africa. CHINAHERB is only as good as the herbs it sells, which is why we only sell the best.

In order to ensure that all our product reach the highest level of quality for our customers, we fulfil the regularly reviewed high-quality assurance requirements by the South African authorities. CHINAHERB also conforms to the internationally recognized current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard. We work closely together with partners in China which are conducting strict, multi-stage and product-specific test procedures for all our formulae.

CHINAHERB products are free from any chemicals or pharmaceutical drugs.


The CHINAHERB Formulae Range consists of a combination of natural substances. The majority of the herbs in a formula will address the aspect of disharmony in the body.

The focus of treatment may either be on the acute symptoms or the underlying root cause of the imbalance. Other herbs will either enhance this treatment or will add another subsidiary treatment strategy. The remaining herbs either focus the treatment on certain parts of the body or modify the effects of previously used herbs by boosting their function or counteracting undesirable effects.


According to CITES , the following substances are used and obtained from endangered plant and animal species:

  • Bai Ji (Bletillae Rhizoma)
  • Gou Ji (Cibotii Rhizoma)
  • Gui Ban (Chrysemys Plastrum)
  • Mu Xiang (Aucklandiae Radix)
  • Rou Cong Rong (Cistanches Herba)
  • Shi Hu (Dendrobii Caulis)
  • Tian Ma (Gastrodiae Rhizoma) 

Strictly forbidden substances (from endangered animal species):

  • Hu Gu (Os Tigris)
  • Ling Yang Jiao (Cornu Antelopis)
  • Xi Jiao (Rhinocerotis Cornu)

CHINAHERB formulae only contain the following endangered plant ingredients that are sustainably cultivated from partners that hold CITES certificates:

  • Cong Rong Pian:  Rou Cong Rong (Cistanches Herba)
  • Relieve Vertigo:  Tian Ma (Gastrodiae Rhizoma)
  • Stomach Tonic:   Mu Xiang (Aucklandiae Radix)
  • Tonic for Men and Women:  Rou Cong Rong (Cistanches Herba)

Safety and Standards

As an herbal medicine company, CHINAHERB cares about facilitating a brighter future for the next generations. Therefore, we have strict ecological and ethical principles. To maintain the sustainability and balance between Yin and Yang, human and nature, as taught in Chinese medicine, we follow the Good Manufacturing Practices standard (GMP) as well as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in China and South Africa.

We can ensure that our products are handled safely and hygienically by following those standards, starting from herb procurement, processing it in the facility, shipping, etc. to the finished product.

The fulfilling of this GMP quality requirements ensures for example:

  • facility cleanliness, employee training, process documentation, standardized workflows
  • examination of all product batches to confirm identity as well as purity
  • transparency and traceability
  • random and regular GMP checks