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Cong Rong Pian

苁蓉通便片 / Cong Rong Tong Bian Pian

Cong Rong Pian is a laxative formula. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Qi deficiency leads to intestinal conduction weakness, while Yang Deficiency leads to intestinal loss of warmth and weak bowels movement, prolonging bowel movements and forming constipation. Cong Rong Pian nourishes Liver and Kidney Yang, Essence and Blood, regulates Qi, moistens and facilitates bowel movement.

It is suitable for those with weak bowel movement and difficult stool. It is often used for constipation in the elderly and post-partum constipation and habitual constipation. Cong Rong Pian is suitable for regular usage over a long period.

Used to combat these diseases:


Constipation can severely impair the quality of life of those affected: Defecation is difficult and painful – the faeces are usually hard and can only be excreted in small portions...


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