Bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine to South Africa since 1997


Our history

years of research

years on the SA market

CHINAHERB (Pty) Ltd is a Cape Town based company founded in 1997. After inheriting the insightful knowledge on Chinese Medicine that has been passed down for millennia, Dr. Chunlan Li and Prof. Yi Zhang developed the CHINAHERB Medicine Formulae.

CHINAHERB Formulae is the culmination of Prof. Zhang’s and Dr. Li’s wide research and practise of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They both graduated from Gansu University of Chinese Medicine in China, and they are proficient in all TCM treatment methods. Prof. Zhang majored in Acupuncture during his studies under the world acclaimed Acupuncture master Dr. Zheng Kuishan, while Dr. Li majored in Chinese herbal medicine. They spent over 30 years researching ancient herbal medicine and remedies, cementing their expertise as professionals in TCM.

They were both lecturers and professors at TCM faculties in Chinese universities before moving to South Africa, where they carried on teaching from 1997 to 2001 at the Medical Acupuncture Society of South Africa, and founded their own TCM practice in Cape Town while playing vital roles in CHINAHERB (Pty) Ltd. They have combined their own experiences with that of the ancient Chinese herbal knowledge, and so developed the CHINAHERB Formulae.

Our aim


Introducing TCM to the Western Audience

We believe in the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and we want to inform the western audience of our long tradition of healing.

Using only the Purest Ingredients

We are relying on the highest quality natural herbs to reach the best health results from our CHINAHERB Formulae Range.

Supporting Practitioners and Patients

We are supporting practitioners and patients with the treatment of common illnesses in the modern world, by using the best TCM formulae.

Professional Advice

It is important to make a pattern diagnosis before selecting the appropriate herbal formula. There is no one-to-one matching of remedy to disease in TCM as there often is in Western medicine. In Chinese medicine, one disease may have many patterns and the starting point is to apply the remedy to the pattern.

We value our customer feedback but unfortunately, we are unable to analyse personal disease conditions or suggest any products or herbs that diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Please consult your Chinese medicine practitioner for advice.

For more questions, please check out our FAQs.

The History of TCM

Chinese herbal medicine uses well over 4000 species of medicinal plants, but its unique aspect is its philosophy, the way of thinking and the terminology based on more than 3000 years of clinical observation. It is not associated with any religious thought and is a traditional science. Increasing numbers of studies are showing the effectiveness of TCM. Traditional terms such as Yin and Yang, cold and warm, nourish and clear are used to describe the herbal properties. The medicine consists mostly of plant roots, while others of leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits.

species of medicinal plants

years of clinical observation

Throughout the period of Chinese Medicine practice, vast ranges of Chinese herbal formulae have been developed. These ranges were collected and recorded in the Treatise on Febrile Diseases (Shang Han Lun) and other works. It is widely accepted and found to be the most important formulae due to their brilliant combinations and excellent results. They were named as the classical formulae.

CHINAHERB selected ranges of the classical formulae in addition to several new ones.