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EF11 - Four Marvels Formula

Original Name: Si Miao Wan / 四妙丸

Clears heat, dries damp, invigorates blood circulation, strengthens tendons and bones

Damp heat in the lower part of the body

Key symptoms and signs for use:
Sore, weak lower back
Red, hot, swollen, painful knees and feet
Weakness, numbness or atrophy of the lower limbs
Dark, yellow, turbid, smelly, difficult urine
Pruritus, swelling of vulvae
Yellow, fetid vaginal discharge
Red coloured skin rashes on the feet, itching or oozing liquid after scratching
Tongue: Red body, yellow greasy coating
Pulse: Rapid, slippery

Clinical application for reference:
Acute or chronic urinary tract infection
Rheumatic, rheumatoid or gouty arthritis
Chronic or acute eczema
Vaginitis, cervicitis
Erythema nodosum
Rashes, eczema

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Dosage Form:
Dosage and Administration:
Taken orally, 4 pills 3 times a day
Childproof plastic bottles, each containing 100 pills

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