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EF02 - En-joy

Original Name: Da Bu Yin Wan / 大補陰丸

Tonifies Kidney Yang, invigorates sex activities

Low libido and impotence caused by kidney Yang deficiency

Key Symptoms and Signs for Use:
Low libido and impotence
Tiredness, lassitude and a cold feeling in the lower back and knees
Clear urine
Tongue: Pale, thin white coating
Pulse: Deep, thready
Clinical Application for Reference:
Low libido

Clinical application for reference:
The warm, dry nature of the formula makes it unsuitable for damp heat patterns; hypertension, peripheral neuritis.
Dosage Form: Capsules, containing brown to dark brown powder
Dosage and Administration:
Taken orally, 3 capsules, once a day. Do not use more than one dose per day.
Package: Carton containing blister strip of 30 capsules

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