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CF67 - Recuperating Qi Formula

Original Name: Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang / 补阳还五汤

Tonifies Qi, moves blood, and removes meridian obstruction

After-effects of stroke, such as Qi deficiency, blood stagnation and meridian blockage patterns

Key Symptoms and Signs for Use:
Hemiparalysis with facial distortion
Paralysis of limbs
Tongue: Pale and dull
Pulse: Deficient

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Precautions and Contra-indications:
If the patient presents with cerebral haemorrhage, the formula can only be applied once the haemorrhaging has stopped, the pulse is weak and the temperature normal. Not suitable for patterns which are characterized by Yin deficiency and blood heat, and hyperactivity of liver Yang.
Dosage Form:

Dosage and Administration:
Taken orally, 4 tablets, twice daily
Childproof plastic bottles.
Each bottle contains 120 tablets

Recuperating Qi Formula
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