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CF52 - Smooth Intestine

Original Name: Tong Xie Yao Fang / 痛泻要方

Strengthens spleen, smooths liver, removes intestinal dampness and heat

Liver Qi invading spleen, causing liver spleen disharmony and intestinal damp heat

Key Symptoms and Signs for Use:
Chronic or recurrent diarrhea
or alternation of constipation and diarrhea
Cramping abdominal pain relieved by defecation
Mucus in the stools
Fullness and distention, irritability
Yellow tongue coating
Wiry slippery pulse

Clinical Application for Reference:
Irritable bowel syndrome
Ulcerative colitis

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Cautions and contra-indication:
Not suitable in watery diarrhoea, when due to spleen Qi and Yang deficiency
Dosage Form:

Dosage and Administration:
Taken orally, 4 tablets, twice daily
Containers of 120 tablets

Smooth Intestine
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